The Oldest Humans to Ever Live

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Top 10 record breaking old people who are still living today.
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The one thing that we have continued to seek as humans is the ability to live a longer life. In these contemporary times, we are living longer than ever. This is due to the great innovations in the medical field. Before, something as simple as a cold would have killed us. Now? It’s just an inconvenience that lasts just a week or so. Vaccines, and other amazing innovations have made living longer better than ever. Now that we are living longer, our priorities of living have changed. Before, when life ended around 30, people were getting married and having children in their teens and never bothered with anything more. Today, people are going to college and managing their careers, ensuring that they are financially stable before starting a family. This has led to people starting their families much later, thanks to the ability of living a longer life.
Today, people are living to be well over 100 years old and living longer than a century. The stories that these people tell could write dozens of books. As time goes on, we will likely start seeing more people pushing the limits of longer living. But for now, the people in this video have set records and pushed the envelope as they have gained a sense of immortality because they have lived longer than any of us so far. Some of these people’s stories are inspiring as they have survived incredible odds that should have killed them, but instead, they are the living symbol of resilience.

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