EX- LIVE Lanzarote Intl. Airport (GCRR) HD Streaming, Canary Islands

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As you have seen, there is a black screen now instead of the stream. The Spanish airports authorities have asked us today to stop streaming until we have the required aeronautic security permission. We have immediately requested that document but we have no idea how long it will take to get it.

In the meantime we are going over all possible solutions to have the cam running again.... maybe not strait away on the at another very nice location till issue is resolved.

We are very sorry for this temporary problem and will keep you all informed via your subscription about our progression on this. In the mean time we keep the channel and chat open so that you can connect to our other great and friendly chatters who are supporting us in this.

We are really sorry for this as we know that you all like it very much and It´s really a pity because we know it´s not the streaming but the Social Community that it created itself. We know that the Channel is not the most important thing in our life but we are honestly very sad with the news we just received. The chat will stay active.

Rafa and iLanz
Lanzarotewebcam Team
Email: info@