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Little Shop of Horrors (1986) - Mean Green Mother From Outer Space HD
Little Shop of Horrors The Director's Cut (Original Dark Ending).
Songs by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, Aladdin).
Performed by Levi Stubbs.
Magic Fly - Space | Full HD |
Space - Magic Fly
One More On wyU8pLn3y8U
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В глубинах Млечного Пути HD 2017. Космос HD документа
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Lost in Space HD Restoration Test
Test for restoration and remastering project of all 85 hours of Lost in Space television series. Transfer of original 35mm film elements to HDCamSR performed by Illuminate in Burbank, CA. Digital audio restoration from original magnetic sound elements performed by Sound Services, inc., Los Angeles, CA.

This presentation is being provided with permission of the copyright holder, Space Productions, inc., and is presented in the interest of public information.
Infinite Flight Global - How To Get In Space [HD]
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Angry Birds Space HD Utopia All levels
Пройдены все уровни локации "Утопия" и показано где и как достать золотые яйца!
Pleural Space [HD]
Dr. Ricardo Jose Gonzalez-Rothi, a lung specialist at the Florida State University College of Medicine, discusses the pleural space, pleural fluid dynamics, and pleural effusions with Jodi Chapman, FSU's medical illustrator. This 3D animation illustrates the basic mechanics and fluid dynamics of the pleural space and how those important concepts carry over into disease conditions that cause pleural effusions (excess fluid in the lungs).

Look on our YouTube channel FSUMedMedia to find this animation in three smaller pieces: Part I: The Pleural Space, Part II: Pleural Fluid Dynamics, Part III: Pleural Effusions.

This animation was created for the medical students at the Florida State University and was presented by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi M.D., Professor and Chair at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Animation copyright 2012 by the Florida State University College of Medicine. Special thank you to Peruvemba Sriram, M.D. Pulmonary Critical Care Physician at University of Florida Shands Healthcare Hospital for providing thoracoscopy footage. All thoracoscopy footage copyright 2012 Peruvemba Sriram, M.D.
NASA Space Shuttle's Final Voyage of Atlantis - Space Shuttle Launch (1080p)
This HD video documentary explains the Space Shuttle Atlantis‘s final mission into orbit. Constructed by the Rockwell International
company in Southem California and delivered to the Kennedy Space Center in Eastern Florida in April 1985, Atlantis is the fourth
operational and the second-to—last Space Shuttle built. Its maiden
flight was STS-51-J from 3 to 7 October 1985.

At 5:57 a.m. EDT on July 21, 2011, space shuttle Atlantis landed for the final time at Kennedy Space Center after 200 orbits around Earth and a journey of 5,284,862 miles on the STS-135 mission and final flight for the Space Shuttle Program using the same design as the Challenger, Columbia, and other NASA shuttle reentry vehicles since the disaster of 1981.

SpaceX is to take over the continuing mission.

This is the story of the last mission.
UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®) Were ancient, Bronze Age civilizations taken over by sophisticated, parasitic extra-dimensional entities who manipulate the human mind to this day for their own evil purposes? Gnostic texts from the time of Christ may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in all human history! Get the facts in this documentary from the celebrated, award winning researcher/illustrator/filmmaker of 14 wildly popular UFO films here on UFOTV® including "The UFO Alien Cyborg Invasion," "UFO Secrets of the 3rd Reich: The Aldebaran Mystery 1 & 2," "Ancient Alien Mystery: Nibiru 1,2 & 3," "The Day After UFO Disclosure," "UFOs, Kennedy, Nixon and the Alien Presence," "UFOs Atomic Bombs and the Quest for Power," "The Aeon of Horus 1 & 2," "Ancient Alien Mystery: Rise of the Anunnaki," "Secret Societies and Flying Saucers," "Ancient Alien Mystery of the Archons," and "Alternative 3: The Secret Mars Colony."

Coming soon to Special Edition DVD, Digital, and UFOTV® on ROKU. Visit us online at

©2014 Jim Nichols & UFOTV®, All rights reserved.
★ Tour the International Space Station - Inside ISS - HD
A tour on the inside of the International Space Station - ISS with expedition 18 Commander Mike Fincke.

My photos: u/0/b/105656643463219506384/+aheli

ISS - The Space Station is a collaboration of 15 nations working together to create a world-class, state-of-the-art orbiting research facility. ISS -The Station is much more than a world-class laboratory; it is an international human experiment.

The International Space Station ISS is a space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Earth orbit. It is a modular structure whose first component was launched in 1998. Now the largest artificial body in orbit, it can often be seen at the appropriate time with the naked eye from Earth. The ISS consists of pressurised modules, external trusses, solar arrays and other components. ISS components have been launched by American Space Shuttles as well as Russian Proton and Soyuz rockets.

The Largest Stars in the Universe | Infographic Animation ► watch?v=JqAJnrL27OY

Best of Hubble Space Telescope (2014) - High res ► watch?v=Lmx19_0GX8o

★ Tour the International Space Station - Inside ISS - HD

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'Space HD' Live Wallpaper
'Space HD' is now available on Google Play! Get it here:

Explore the deep reaches of the final frontier in Space HD!

We are pleased to announce Space HD, our latest 3-D live wallpaper, is now available! Space HD is a brand-new 3-D live wallpaper featuring fully animated planets, moons, asteroids, and more! Take in the majestic beauty of our entire solar system as you travel from breathtaking views of Earth to the rings of Saturn and beyond.

Accompanying Space HD are two optional add-ons, the Dark Nebula Pack and the Customization Pack. The Dark Nebula Pack brings you to the darkest corners of space where you witness the birth of stars and planets far from the reach of human eyes. Solar storms, mysterious planets, and a black hole are just a few of the awe-inspiring renditions available in the Dark Nebula Pack. Personalize your wallpaper with your own sign of the zodiac, text, moons, a custom holographic projection, and more in the Customization Pack.

Don't miss the sneak peek of the Dark Nebula Pack at the end of this video. Thank you for your support!

Get it on Google Play:

Music used in this video:
"Fanfare for Space" & "Discovery Hit" Kevin MacLeod ()
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Earth at night seen from space ISS (HD 1080p) ORIGINAL
Video compiled by sebastiasz | CREDITS ARE AT THE END OF THE VIDEO

All images used in this video were taken by the astronauts of Expedition 29 (Commander Mike Fossum, Flight Engineer Dan Burbank, Flight Engineers Satoshi Furukawa, Sergei Volkov, Anatoly Ivanishin and Anton Shkaplerov) aboard the International Space Station. ISS altitude is about 350 kilometers above Earth surface.

Check out my other videos of Planet Earth seen from space (Full HD 1080p) watch?v=P5_GlAOCHyE
32mins long time lapse video showing our planet Earth from the Internetional Space Station

Ziemia nocą
Earth at night
Earth at night seen from ISS International Space Station
View from ISS at night
Earth during night from space
City lights from space ISS
Europe seen from space at night
Europa widziana nocą z kosmosu
Photos of Earth at night seen from space
"Terra vista do espaço"
Terra vista des de l'espai
"Earth seen from space"
"la terre vue de l'espace"
"Erde vom Weltraum aus gesehen"
Земята от космоса - Bulgarian
"Земля из космоса"
"la tierra desde el espacio"
"ziemia widziana z kosmosu"
"terra vista dallo spazio"
"Tierra vista desde el espacio"
"Aarde gezien vanuit de ruimte"
يبلغ حجم القمر ربع حجم الأرض ولا يوجد فيه لا هواء ولا ماء ولا حياة.
"Зямля з космасу"
"Земля з космосу" - Ukrainian
"A Föld az Űrből" - Hungarian
Zemlje vidi iz svemira
Zemlja iz svemira
Země z vesmíru
Earth séð frá geimnum
An Domhain ó spás - Irish
પૃથ્વી જગ્યા માંથી જોઇ
Jorden set fra rummet
Maa kosmosest vaadatuna
Maan avaruudesta nähtynä
Γη από το διάστημα
ഭൂമി ബഹിരാകാശത്തില്‍ നിന്നും
כדור הארץ כפי שנראה מהחלל
ಭೂಮಿಯ ಜಾಗವನ್ನು ಕಂಡಂತೆ
पृथ्वी अंतरिक्ष से देखा
Aarde gezien vanuit de ruimte
Bumi dilihat dari angkasa
Jörð séð frá geimnum
지구는 우주에서 본
Žemės vaizdas iš kosmoso
Zemes redzams no kosmosu
meeraha dhulka hawada laga arko - somali
Jorden sett fra verdensrommet
Pământ văzut din spaţiu
Zemlji videl iz vesolja
Jorden sedd från rymden
Dünya, uzayın görülen
Yer kosmik göründüyü
Földet az űrből
Trái đất nhìn từ không gian
Terra vista dallo spazio
كوكب الارض كما يظهر من الفضاء "
زمین از فضا دیده می شود
زمین کی خلا سے دیکھا
Gweld Ddaear o'r gofod
பூமியை விண்வெளியில் இருந்து பார்க்கும்
Kuonekana duniani kutoka nafasi
Земље види из свемира
Երկրի երեւում է տիեզերքից
Dinja tidher mill-ispazju
Latè te wè li nan lespas
Земјата се гледа од вселената
"blue marble"
"flat earth society"
Blue Devils Space Chords in HD
Brass warm up before Championships in Indianapolis. August 2010.
Produced by Drum Corps Films - Christensen Media.
Shot and recorded in HD with professional audio.
Visit Blue Devils at
To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@

Angry Birds Space HD Cosmic Crystals All levels
Пройдены все уровни локации "Космические кристаллы" и показано где и как достать золотые яйца!
За Пределами Космоса Квантовый скачок 2017 эпизод 3 Космос HD документальные фильмы
Космос HD документальные фильмы За пределами привычной для нас реальности скрывается другой, невероятный..

Discovery: Юпитер: Тайный близнец Солнца / დაწვრილებით კოსმოსის შესახებ: იუპიტერი: მზის..

Группа Вконтакте Добро пожаловать в царство квантовой физики. Эта причудливая теория стала.
Angry Birds Space HD First launch and Pig bang All levels
Прохождение первых двух уровней локации "Медные свиньи", открытие зеркального мира а также пройдены все уровни локации "Свиной взрыв" и показано где и как достать золотые яйца!
Voyager reaches Interstellar Space HD
Send a #MessageToVoyager! voyager/message/?linkId=40511444#ter
The NASA spacecraft, which rose from Earth on a September morning 36 years ago, has traveled farther than anyone, or anything, in history. Now Voyager 1 is in the space between the stars.
Тайны Вселенной Документальный фильм про космос HD
Интересное видео, про космос, тайнах вселенной и загадках космоса. Документальные фильмы про космос.
Сегодня изучению космоса уделяется огромное внимание. Новые открытия ставят под сомнения теории, которые существовали веками, а жизнь в космосе уже не воспринимается как вымысел писателей-фантастов. О том, что нового произошло в астрономии в последние годы, и о перспективах космических исследований вы сможете узнать из этих документальных фильмов на нашем канале!

Бесплатная раскрутка вашего канала : ??176793

Всем привет, на нашем канале вы найдете очень много интересных видео про космос, нло и секретах вселенной.
Как в познавательных так и в развлекательных целях!
Подписывайтесь на канал, ставьте лайки!
Приятного просмотра!
Gary Chang Space HD
Visit the Audi Q3-Special at: audiq3
"Smaller space needs bigger thinking."
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