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Avantasia - Lost In Space (HD)
Avantasia - Lost In Space Live
DVD - The Flying Opera
Документальный фильм. Космос. СОЛНЕЧНЫЕ СУПЕРВСПЫШКИ HD 2018  Путешествие вглубь звезды
Захватывающий, зрелищный, интересный и познавательный документальный фильм о вспышках на солнце
Невероятный фильм про космос HD / Разум и порядок Вселенной / Все про космос / Все тайны к
Документальный фильм о вселенной в HD качестве. В нём вы узнаете о рождении вселенной, космосе, что такое.

Невероятный фильм про космос HD Приятного просмотра Космос. Исследование других планет. Космические Зонды..

ЛУЧШАЯ БИРЖА ДЛЯ ЗАРАБОТКА НА РОСТЕ КРИПТОВАЛЮТ Космос HD документальные фильмы Есть ли плане.
WW2 from Space HD | Full Documentary
WWII From Space delivers World War II in a way youve never experienced it before. This two-hour History special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a .

History Documentary - World War 2 Normandy Invasion In Colour Best Documentary HD, Full Documentary Historical documentary full: .


Ww2 from space history channel hd.

World War II from Space has won an Emmy® Award for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction* *Winner RTS Craft and Design Awards - Best Graphic .
Megastructures - INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (ISS) - Full Documentary HD
The International Space Station is an orbiting laboratory and construction site that synthesizes the scientific expertise of 16 nations to maintain a permanent human outpost in space. While floating some 240 miles (390 kilometers) above Earth's surface, the space station has hosted a rotating international crew since November 2000. Astronauts and supplies are ferried by the U.S. space shuttles and the Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. Astronauts who reach the facility aboard one of these missions typically live and work in orbit for about six months.

Simply by spending time in orbit, astronauts reveal much more about how humans can live and work in space. Crews have learned the difficulties of diet, in a world in which their sense of taste is decreased, and of getting a good night's sleep while secured to a non-floating object.

But the crew is also occupied with a full suite of scientific experiments, the ongoing improvement and construction of the station, and a rigorous regime of physical training. Astronauts must exercise for two hours each day to counteract the detrimental effects of low gravity on the body's skeleton and circulatory system.

Ongoing Construction

The station has been under construction since November of 1998. In that year the first piece of its structure, the Zarya Control Module, was launched into orbit with a Russian Proton rocket. In 2008, the two-billion-dollar science lab Columbus was added to the station, increasing the structure to eight rooms.

The floating facility's design features a series of cylinder modules attached to a larger truss of a dozen segments. The Zarya Module is mainly used for storage and external fuel tanks, while the Zvezda Service Module houses the crew's living quarters and the station's many life-supporting systems. The space station is powered by solar panels and cooled by loops that radiate heat away from the modules. The station's Destiny laboratory functions as a unique floating facility for tests of materials, technologies, and much more. The Columbus lab was designed to house experiments in life sciences, fluid physics, and other fields.

Docking ports allow the station to be visited by a growing variety of spacecraft, and the Quest Airlock enables access for the frequent spacewalks essential to the facility's continuing construction.

Canadarm2 is another important feature of the space station. This Canadian-built apparatus is a large, remote-controlled space arm that functions as a crane and can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks.

The International Space Station may be completed by the end of this decade. When construction is finished, six crew members will be able to live and work in a space larger than a typical five-bedroom house.
Muse - Space Dementia [HD]
The fantastic song Space Dementia by Muse, from the album Origin of Symmetry.

I claim ownership of nothing shown in this video.
Природа времени. Когда оно закончится? Космические путешествия. Вселенная, космос HD 29.03.2017
Природа времени. Когда оно закончится? Космические путешествия. Вселенная, космос HD На Земле время.

Приятного просмотра и рекомендуем подписаться на канал наших друзей Природ.

Документальный фильм про космос, космос , тайны космоса, загадки космоса смотреть онлайн Подпишись (Ежедне.

Приятного просмотра и рекомендуем подписаться на канал наших друзей Физика. Приятного просмотра и рекоме.

Путешествие во времени. Настоящий гений со Стивеном Хокингом. Космос, Вселенная Фильм 1/6 Путешествие.
We are not Alone - Space Documentary 2018 HD
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Credit: Carl Sagan
Hollywood in Vienna (2016) - The Sound Of Space HD
Hollywood in Vienna - Film Music Gala @ "Wiener Konzerthaus" 16/10/2015

Tracklist: coming soon!
Doraemon Films - Nobita And The Little Space War Full Hd Hindi.....Pt 6.
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Космос красивое HD-видео
Космос. Очень красивый космос, нарезка красивых картинок космоса. Полюбуйтесь этой красотой! Это просто потрясающе! Обожаю космос...Советую посмотреть до конца, приятная музыка.
Dead Space Movie Trailer [HD]
Dead Space Movie Trailer
Сражение в космосе. HD
Full HD 1080p
Звёздные Войны. Эпизод III: Месть Ситхов
Sunrise from Space (HD)
My sunrise from Space animation rendered in HD. Made in Blender.
Кузя в космосе HD Full (Hugo)
очередное прохождение игры про кузю! На этот раз нашего героя занесло в Космос! Веселое занимательное прохождение игры для детей любого возраста! Прошу любить и жаловать. Жду ваших комментариев , а так-же подписывайтесь на канал )
Angry Birds Space HD Utopia All levels
Пройдены все уровни локации "Утопия" и показано где и как достать золотые яйца!
Космос HD Самые красивые видео качества HD
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